What our students are saying:

Hello Don, thanks for the amazing woodworking class this past weekend. I had a great time. Thanks for offering such a wonderful class and opening up your wood shop to myself and the others students. I can’t wait to take advantage of 10% off the next class.


WOW! What a great picture!  Thank you Don and Milton for all of your knowledge and kindness.  I’ll be telling everyone on Kelleys Island about our adventure.  Hope to do the box class in March.  If I don’t see you this spring, I’ll see you next winter.  Thanks again.


Amazing workshop! Don and Milton are excellent instructors and the whole weekend was a wonderful experience! I’ll sign up for other workshops for sure!

Anna Katerina Mattos

I have taken two courses from the SFWS and will certainly take more.  As a beginner in woodworking I have tried to teach myself as much as possible through YouTube and trial and error.  Living in the Miami area for a number of years I could never find a resource to teach me in a more hands on manner.  Don and Milton changed that.  Their classes are well-organized, fun, and interactive.  They take the time to walk you through the tools, how to be safe with them, and do in a way very inviting for additional questions.  The classes I have take have been varied in both age and skill level which made everybody feel welcome.  Because of what they have taught me I have been able to improve my skills and build well-crafted wood pieces on my own.

Thanks! Jeff Feintech

I am a proud graduate of one of the South FL Woodworking School’s weekend seminars (made a beautiful box that my family and friends love – we use it to house cellphone chargers and other small objects)..Don and Milton are great instructors as they are passionate about their craft, very safety-conscious (important), and patient with all level woodworkers from pros to amateurs…also, both Don and Milton have a friendly disposition, as this is woodworking after all and it is supposed to be FUN more than anything else…highly recommend this experience to anyone interested…and wait until you see Don’s professional woodshop- it is epic…if you are on the fence- get off of it and do the class, you will not regret it…

Joshua Shore, Miami FL

I met Don a few years ago and was hooked on woodworking immediately. He is an amazing teacher and his boxes (and all else he builds) are truly works of art. Don’s School is in his fully equipped shop and is a safe and great place to learn. I have used what I learned from Don and now have my own shop and a great hobby which will always be with me.

David Rudin Aventura FL

Thank you so much for having Jake join your class.  He hasn’t stopped talking about it since I picked him up.  He definitely wants to take more classes – should I have him take the beginning box making or the advance box making?  You mentioned he wanted to take the class at the end of the month, but that ones advanced.  Is he ready for advanced?  He said he wants to take as many classes as possible.  Thank you again – it means so much!


Thanks Don and Milton, I really enjoyed working with you and the guys! I’ll definitely see you again for another course or meeting in the future.



Thanks Don.  Pics look great!  It was a fantastic seminar last weekend.  Folks have been blown away by how gorgeous the cutting board is.  Really beyond my expectations for a weekend course!  I am flying back to Philly for a family event that very same weekend in September so I will not be able to make the next course.  Bummer.  Next time!

Have a great weekend.


Don / Milton:

I wanted to send a note to thank all of you for allowing me to participate in this weekends “Box Seminar”.

I found the experience to be challenging, informative and fulfilling and the camaraderie  of the participants allowed for a new person to feel like he is a part of a great group of woodworkers. I have needed an event that would provide me with a jump start into an area of woodworking, that has interested me, but I was somewhat reluctant to go it alone, and this weekend proved to be just that. The seminars step by step process, Don and Milton’s pre-seminar preparation, the availability of necessary jigs and fixtures and the total hands on experience enabled me to see all the pieces of the Box building puzzle and see how those pieces come together in the form of a beautiful display piece.